Cloud Storage

Data in the Cloud

We offer cloud data storage for businesses who are ready to move their data from on-premise to the cloud. Our cloud storage is a private server for your company data which provides:

  • Personal and shared document storage
  • Online access to all your files
  • Accessibility from the web, computer, or mobile device
  • Offline file access and synchronized file saving
  • Security, encryption, and backups

The Cloud Advantage

Housing your data in the cloud means your data is always backed up and available when you need it. You no longer need to worry about complex network shares or failed hard drives. Each employee gets their own personal storage and folders can be shared throughout your business or open to others for easy file sharing. Your files can still be accessed offline, and any changes made will be synchronized the next time you have an internet connection. Your connection is always secure and your data is encrypted and backed up to multiple offsite locations keeping it safeguarded from disaster.

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