Cloud Servers

Shipping Out To The Cloud

Do you have on-premise servers taking up valuable office space and are expensive to maintain? Learn how moving servers to the cloud can save you money and make your business workflow more efficient. Nearly anything can be moved online including:

  • Active Directory
  • Email
  • File Shares
  • Databases
  • Custom Applications

Why The Cloud?

While "the cloud" can be a very broad buzzword, there are a variety of benefits to moving servers online.

  • Cost Savings - Pay for what you use
  • No Hardware Expenses - Just need an internet connection
  • Easy Access to Data and Software - Always be in touch with your business
  • Backups - No physical security concerns and everything is always backed up
Moving to the cloud requires a carefully laid out custom plan which is what we offer. We can evaluate your current infrastructure and craft out a migration strategy to get you settled in. Contact us today for a free consultation.